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Subject: matter and commission at the 1st Advent television service.

Date: Mon, 29 Nov 2021 23:23:21 +0100

From: Ursula Sabisch <>

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Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany,

To the Church of the Sacred Heart

Pastor C. L.

Church Street 21-25

67722 Winnweiler

Luebeck, November 29, 2021

Where is the Journey going?

Roman Catholic TV Sunday Service on the 1st of Advent 2021.

The German-language document you my find here!

Dear Father C. L., Dear Parishioners of Sacred Heart Parish and Dear Readers,

First of all, thank you very much for the beautiful Mass celebration on the 1st Sunday of Advent, which can be described as successful and which took place in the beautiful Sacred-Heart Church in Winnweiler.

The Sacred-Heart Church in Winnweiler was even equipped with kneelers, which were also used by some of the faithful. Others preferred to stand up instead of kneeling down, as far as my person could see via TV.

Right at the beginning, a woman or the parish keynote speaker began to speak and with your approval of the introductory words, the invitation to participate in the service was extended by you, Father.

Everything, especially the choir and your address, Father L. were really wonderful and also appropriate for a service that can come to millions of homes.

Particularly, the way of expression that you, Father, used in some parts, which made you recognizable as a person coming from daily life, was also striking.

The meaning of your lecture was also distinguished with a power and strength through the Holy Spirit, only one thing was not correct at all and my person would not like to let this be valid, because it is not recognizable and provable at any place in the Bible that the evangelist Luke should have addressed the congregation also with female disciples or should have addressed them as you documented or read out the Gospel according to Luke.

Furthermore, my person would also like to criticize and note that every theologian or spiritual scientist should think about our time and about the apostle Paul the correspondingly correct thoughts about the end of the world, because as not only you as a pastor, but also by the pastor of the previous day "The Word to Sunday" noted, Paul was in his time of the opinion that the end of the world would be very soon, and so he wrote down his thoughts and words that came from the spirit of God.

He was visibly ahead of his time, which does not mean that he drew wrong conclusions from the teachings of God and from the present situation, but he wanted to prepare mankind for the coming end of the world and for the Last Judgment, so that every person can still reflect in time and turn to the right side of life before all this happens.

The same is also recognizable in the thoughts by my person in the various contents of the homepages of my person and is to be understood by everyone.

Also your request to the individual hope bearer of every human being and especially of every Christian fits excellently into the end times or into the end of the world, which you had unfortunately not completely correctly, but also not completely wrongly explained.

When a person dies, the world possibly ends for him or her in a certain sense, but the dying person knows that his or her descendants or his or her fellow human beings still remain in this world and will continue to live.

Thus, although you criticized the whitewashing, you yourself whitewashed the true situation a little bit, because you still cannot recognize the reality quite correctly or even really do not want to grasp it.

Now you call the apostle Paul, who had erred in his lifetime by thinking that the end of the world is near and still interpret today a perpetual error on the part of Paul, although today the clear signs of the end times are fixed on our present by the error of the apostle Paul at that time!

Maybe you and all your brothers should finally ask yourselves how many signs you need to be able to understand what is actually happening with mankind and with the world!

Maybe you and others finally also ask yourselves why the words of the respective different apostles still hold today, although they held for some hundreds of years?

Only what is different today than still some hundred years ago? Do you really not notice any essential difference concerning the earth and the people?

Think please thoroughly!

Furthermore, my person would like to make it clear once again that women have nothing, but also not the slightest thing to do at the altar in the church, because only apostles and no women apostles and also no more than the Twelve Apostles have been called into the direct succession of Jesus, whereby only the Mother of God Mary belongs to this first circle of the saints.

Women nowadays, on the one hand, rightly aspire to the positions of responsibility as the decision-makers, but why do women do it or feel obliged to do it?

The answer is simple and it is: Because the man is missing in the house!

The men are nevertheless by and large long since by the media downright cleared and do not know nevertheless in general yet even that they exist only by the grace of the Creation and must give account to their Creator one day over their acting or over their inability to act.

That is what these "little boys" quite simply do not know in general, what becomes recognizable every day very clearly and clearly at every corner and in every country of the earth!

Thus the man in the house is missing at all corners and ends for quite some time and also you as the bearers of the Holy Spirit are now for some time in the process to change the Bible texts according to the reversal of the sexes slightly, to loosen or now to extend, in that already in the Bible text the speech is about female disciples.

In my childhood a letter of the apostles to the communities always began in the original Bible texts with "brothers and sisters", but today this Bible text has probably been reversed because of the polite form, but in the process it was and probably will also have been forgotten or overlooked that it is or was the man who as the first responsible person of a family will be called to account by his Creator and it was not and is not the woman, who will first give account before her Creator, but if one allows these creeping changes of the Bible contents and also the women are let to the altar, then one must also not be surprised if one day, which will not be very far anymore, someone could claim that God is a woman and that there is a female Creator and no Creator!

Unfortunately such nonsense goes very fast into the heads, but no longer so easily out!

Come all very quickly to yourselves, in that the Body of Christ may not be handed over by a woman or by anyone else, if not by the chosen apostles of Jesus who have followed Jesu Christ!

And this happens in the future please only if you and every other clergyman can identify his receiver and his sender clearly and distinctly, what I deny to you and others at the moment quite simply respectively do not trust, because the cycle of the life quite simply cannot function correctly if the man in the house is missing, what however has become fathomable and recognizable.

Since my person cannot know whether anyone still has the possibility or the knowledge about how the whole or the Eucharist can become alive and functional again or in the best case of a case could remain alive, some basic rules and conditions must be observed and kept, which my person still got to know from her childhood (50 ziger-60 ziger years).

The seven sacraments explained for children - (In German-language)

As a baptized Christian, it will have to be presupposed that the baptizer is commissioned by the Holy Spirit and predestined "equipped" for it and can bless or baptize people by virtue of his ministry.

This means that it is always and exclusively a matter of a male person who has entered the succession of Christ through a celibate union and must have followed his destiny in order to be able to baptize a person with the Holy Spirit or also to hold a Eucharistic celebration.

This happens again only by a passing on of the Holy Spirit and thus only and exclusively only by the ancestors, who received the Holy Spirit again by their ancestors back to the year of the Twelve Apostles and not differently, not somehow or not at all!

Of course the Holy Spirit works also with a newborn, a baby, a toddler, a girl or even with the female sex and can even rest on the girl, on a teenager or on a woman.

But one thing he cannot do, he cannot connect directly with a woman and must take detours that always lead to a man or to the Firstborn Son of God!

That is a big difference and one could feel and experience this difference quite obviously still before approx. 1990 years, which is today alone already by the address to the congregation, recognizably no more applicable.

It is the same with the gift of Holy Communion, for example, which likewise cannot be given or transmitted with the power and action of the Holy Spirit by anyone other than a true clergyman, because otherwise the recipient of Holy Communion will not feel any "living" effect or response by God.

My person can also substantiate this claim, but the prerequisite for receiving the Body of Christ is indeed still a "pure heart", which can be cleared up through the sacrament of confession and only through a true clergyman, or the person has no guilt on him or her, so that the person is free from the grip of the devil.

From childhood or through my ancestors, my person can hereby record that every Roman Catholic Christian was not allowed to eat food for an hour before the celebration of the Eucharist, and before that was only allowed to drink water or tea, which I no longer know for sure.

That kneeling and lowering of the gaze was done during the consecration probably needs to be mentioned as well. In addition, one was not allowed to touch the transformed Body of Christ and was placed on the tongue by the clergyman.

Thus, those who had received Holy Communion in this way could clearly feel each time that something special was working in the body and spirit in a very light way, which made joyful.

Today the procedure of the Eucharistic celebration has become different and for hygienic reasons alone in the distribution of the Body of Christ and for reasons of the shortage of priests, many things could no longer be done in this described way, but a noticeable reaction by the Holy Spirit would then probably also be impossible.

My parents and grandparents also adopted and passed on these rules and conditions through their ancestors, up to my generation, but my children have only been able to practice a part of it and my grandchildren even less, until everything came to nothing.

After a long time, through yesterday's service, my person finally saw again a congregation that in part really still lives a faith, which you can tell just by looking at a person kneeling while praying, with the altar servers kneeling as well.

For an Eucharistic celebration it would always be good that the boys would be ready to be altar servers, because they could develop an interest in God and feel a calling to stand and follow Christ as the possible "candidates" and a girl could get on the wrong track if she found pleasure in holding an Eucharistic celebration!

Although this letter is about the real end of the world, which you and others should take note of in time, my person is stuck at the difference between man and woman especially in the church, but strictly speaking the letter is about an end, where someone has gone down and will come back, and for this indeed also women are needed, who are already in many regulations in church, economy and politics, what clearly points to a new beginning of the world, but also to so many more a stranger beyond the horizon!

You and others will learn more by further letters in the various homepages of my person, which also speak a clear language and are not always very pleasant or friendly in content.

Also at least one suggestion of a peppery sermon is available, whereby also your lecture was very imaginatively embellished and in content already very close to the reality of the coming end, whereby the forthcoming end was announced long but certainly not happens from today to tomorrow!

But the time is pressing and one does not let his Creator wait!

          With kind Regards, Ursula Sabisch


HP:  This letter must make my person public for the reasons mentioned, also, so that people from other cultures can make themselves the correct thoughts around the Christianity in the Roman Catholic Church and it becomes understandable at the same time, why just this our church could be struck so heavily at the end of the time, since also the devil has spread already for a long time his power over the earth!