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Salmon Fever

Ursula Sabisch, Meesenring 4, 23566 Luebeck, Germany 

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Luebeck, 11  March 2010

Free English translation on 25 September 2021.

Salmon Fever or better - Slaves of Industrialisation.

Please let the German-language document be translated into many different languages and be handed over to the right places for example to Mr. Fredriksen, too.

t is very difficult to get in touch with rich people of the world, because they surely know precisely that the mountains of their money never could be earned honestly by themselves! That is the reason why this document has to be taken place in my Homepage. In 2016

Dear Sir or Madam, Dear Mr John Fredriksen!

The WDR's research on salmon farms, confirmed by Chile's local fishermen, is a crying shame especially as it is quite obvious that the bottom line is to make a multi-billionaire food giant even richer than he already is!

You, as "the biggest player" in the business, have protein-rich, still healthy fish stocks of the Pacific Ocean caught on the high seas for your salmon farming in order to have these partially not yet fully grown fish processed into fish feed and that for the salmon pumped full of antibiotics, whereby the salmon eggs have already been provided with partially carcinogenic substances, so that you can fatten these salmon to then bring them to the market?!

No one can touch you, because you are over-rich and have bought off all the people around you, as the film clearly showed, but what, Mr Fredriksen, would become of you if you, as a human being, were not allowed to live in a species-appropriate way and your children were also kept in cages and you and your family were made to reproduce with antibiotics and other methods in order to achieve a profitable price on the market?

Who is responsible that a single person or a group is allowed to make use of Creation and thus use the reproduction of animals by making a highly questionable industrialisation out of animal breeding?

What do you and others actually think where and by what means the virus of the bird flu or the swine flu must have originated, surely not by keeping the animals in a species-appropriate manner; then surely rather by the use of antibiotics and other substances in combination with keeping the animals in a species-unrelated manner, as it happens in Chile and also in Norway and was shown in the film about salmon breeding, with the result that the salmon virus ISA is already on the market, which causes the salmon to bleed to death internally!

How such* a virus can then spread to humans is probably also partly due to the treatment of the food chain and the reaction* of some drugs a person takes when confronted with a contaminated salmon.

You, as an over-rich person, will* not go unpunished* to contaminate the fjords and allow pathogens to spread that will soon be resistant to the usual mix in the salmon supply!

You personally obviously prefer a salmon on a fishhook, as the film revealed; you'd probably better do without your own farming for good reasons!

As an over-rich person, you must* not so easily farm a species or genus in a region or, in these cases, in fjords, which do not belong there in Chile, because you are destroying the entire environment of the native fish species and the coastal inhabitants by doing so, as the film pointed out.

You are creating dangerous jobs at the expense of environmentally compliant jobs in small-scale fishing and thus you are scamming a fortune at the expense of the health of Chile's population, what, however, no longer belongs to you or your daughters!

You, Mr. Fredriksen, and like-minded over-rich people will please come down to earth very quickly, even if you are still allowed to manage the world's largest tanker empire as a major investor!

You and like-minded people all over the world have developed a good feeling for lucrative business and for this reason you and your over-rich colleagues will please invest these tracked down billions or millions of dollars, euros or whatever sensibly, because such a fortune has not had the slightest thing to do with earning money so far!

Inform yourselves when the time comes about the facts and the reason for this letter and act independently while it is still possible for you, otherwise others will take over the administration of this "tracked down money".

I would recommend a project in Chile with the aim of developing the regions shown in the film in Chile and the surrounding area into an independent and well-functioning fishing port, where many of your commissioned divers have already had to lose their young lives, but you, as the "big wolf", have been able to live on.

But that's not how it works, sir, and certainly not for your offspring!

You, your employees and your children will please rethink immediately and learn to earn money in a legitimate way, with the word "serve" in the foreground and woe betide you and the likes of you do not want to serve, but to be served!

I would like to point out to you and your children, but also to every reader, that especially the laboratory experiments on every living being must be stopped immediately, because a virus can also originate and come from a laboratory, then spread and, for example, also cause people to bleed to death internally, as is already happening with salmon!

Please ensure immediately that you and others stop the breeding of salmon worldwide and have all farmed salmon properly examined before they and others can reach humans but also animals for consumption.

Please watch the film by WDR mentioned below so that you can better contain the sources of danger.

HP: Homework:

Who was responsible for the existence of "players" of this category and why did nobody intervene, also for the sake of these "players" themselves?

How many fates are connected with this?

                                               Ursula Sabisch, Empres

Das Erste Mediathek Fever

Excerpt from the Internet:

Wednesday, 10.03.2010 | 11.30 p.m. on Das Erste

In his Norwegian homeland he is called the 'Big Wolf'. John Fredriksen is one of the richest people in the world. As a shipowner, he not only owns the world's largest tanker empire 'Frontline' with his 'Marine Harvest', he is the biggest player in the business with industrially produced fish.

His company produces over 100 million farmed salmon a year in Chile and Norway - for the whole world. A business with dizzying growth rates. The WDR authors Wilfried Huismann and Arno Schumann followed the heels of the major investor for over a year. Their explosive research on the globally operating food giant became a gripping eco-thriller.

Source: Das Erste

January 2019/ August 2016/ German-language document checked and expression corrected*.

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