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The World-Cultural-Heritage 

The Castles of our World

Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the

Health Department Luebeck


To the

Health Offices Worldwide

Department of Psychological Services

Luebeck, 06.07.2016

Free English translation on 24 September 2021.

CC/ Please let the German-language letter be translated into many languages and be handed over to the right persons.

Matter and Commission of the Lord in the Holy Year 2016


Dear Sirs, Dear Doctors of Psychiatry, Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

As probably you too should have slowly but surely grasped the events by the citizens of Luebeck, I would like to address the Administrative Office directly, so that you and others may even know what it is all about.

For this purpose, I have specifically provided several homepages so that each individual person can make something of his or her life with the possibilities that have been given to a person, according to the situation, and make his or her contribution called for in the matter.

However, I will include this letter in one of my pages* so that all those directly affected or interested are also informed and could act accordingly.

The demand in the matter is high, so that especially the psychological service must also provide outstanding services, which must also be kept in balance with the repayment of the debt that many of you have burdened yourselves with!

You owe an outstanding performance not only to me, but also to many affected people who, due to their illnesses and additionally due to the destruction of their entire social environment, have fallen into the mills of justice and, as a rule, can no longer participate in social and societal life due to the psychotropic drugs.

Since my person has already been on the way for 32 years and would like to finally come to a conclusion in this regard, also because time is pressing, I would like to give you some additional information, which is probably difficult to verify for the time being, but most likely true.

Since I am currently "hired" by the ....................* and work both in the switchboard and, together with my "prince consort", in the ................*, I would like to explain to you that I am of the opinion that ..........

a) for example..........the St. John...........Apostle........e. g.........double...John the Baptist

b) Holy War...... and ..........blasted/ torn ....* ........parapsychology...........blasted/ torn saints recognised in one of my psychoses ...........

c) Bearer of a saint......... *a psycho(p..................*frequently affected are very fine people in the sense of "good".

d) Building the saint's called for and needs ......................result: Miracles for the top healing of the disabled...............

e) Highest competence ..................*.......if health still possible).

f) For example, bearers of departed souls of...... ...Napoleon......Emperor Empress...Elizabeth........etc. .....Carriers of ancestral souls......and so on... Carriers of organs of another person/ a dead person through the high technique, etc..

It is not only complicated, it is highly complicated, but it is feasible for humanity together with my "Monumental-Manager and Cudgel", who first has to regenerate and expand himself.

As can already be seen from my letters from the mentioned Homepages, I demand my advanced money back from each individual and not only from the FRG!

This means for your profession, which, however, in these dimensions will be exclusively for the end times, that the castles and monasteries of this earth should also be visited by you, respectively that some psychiatrists or psychologists will also have to let themselves be quartered there, since for psychically affected or ill persons these premises must be made available without delay and these* are dependent on expert care, as among other things already communicated in writing.

People who also belong in these castles and monasteries in the matter are preferably people with long-term mental disorders, whereby the person has often left the present and moves in the past, in the future or simultaneously in other dimensions.

This also includes drug addicts, whom my person would also like to meet in the castles of this world, too.

Some things you, as specialists, will have to find out by talking to the people concerned; the rest my Monumental-Manager will take care of with a high degree of probability, although there cannot always be immediate success, since the construction of the ______________________________Saint-Chain____________and with the handicapped is probably directly connected.

I also suspect that for each of these illnesses or disabilities there is always a person on earth who as a human being is just at the top, and these persons respectively ill and disabled people of all cultures are probably in exactly my home town!

Only when this top is "decoupled", in that the entire person is free of "mischief", may one assume that this decoupling has also dissolved in the Monumental-dimensional Realm!

And so, logically, step by step it will progress more and more rapidly and safely, but the beginning will be very, very difficult and it will be very time-consuming with a lot of patience and perseverance.

Every person who has been unjustly denounced or publicly damaged certainly bears something or someone or a part of something or someone with them, whereby sides of good and evil are interchangeable, but probably also soul lives in the Monumental-dimensional Realm could be interchangeable at present. (Ancestors included)

Ancestors or relatives or spouses are often directly related to the causing of severe psychoses and can also cause them through, for example, neuroses or a partner swap, which also happens frequently.

High speeds due to air or train travel are also known to cause psychosis.

My person knows a little about psychoses and neuroses in particular and can interpret statements from this group of people correctly.

It would be of great benefit if many of the experts in your circle of colleagues could also speak a foreign language with confidence or even come from a different culture.

You yourselves should stock up well on psychotropic drugs during the trips, because it can become very important that you have to protect yourselves and act as a kind of "buffer" in order to be able to stay on the safe side in the matter and to make the matter safer!

Occasionally it may happen on the trips that psychiatric hospitals or prisons (neurotics)) should also be visited by us as a travel group. These possibilities should be arranged by the current ambassadors of the respective countries in Berlin for this purpose.

You and others owe all this and more to your fellow human beings and above all you owe it to your Creator!

Before the project can even get off the ground, I demand my aforementioned allowance and I demand that the requirements for these trips, which are tied to two conditions, be met in advance!

1) End Hunger in the World!

2) Ending all____________________________Abortions!


Something material/ technical has certainly been mixed between heaven and earth, which must also and primarily be brought into a connection with the spiritually confused souls of the deceased and especially also of the unborn souls.

Due to the time involved in the matter, a high potential of danger has thus been added, which can increase daily or even hourly.

Thus the SAT-networks of the alien cultures and a lot more come up through my Monumental-Manager and my person, whereby a real return of the souls via Ufos into the oceans, into the lakes and into the rivers must be the unconditional and inevitable goal in order to stabilise the matter and the earth.

                             So I remain with kind regards

                                Yours sincerely

                                 Ursula Sabisch

In addition, some people who bears a top will have to be asked to cross some destinations of my person with their companions, respectively to accompany my person for a while. The entire travel costs will be borne by the respective state treasuries and their millionaires/ billionaires of the country in which the bearer or female bearer resides.


This document has been slightly shortened for security reasons and is not necessarily intended for every traveller, but for some groups this information should become important.

HP: I will discuss everything else (finances or my pocket money) with XXXXXXXXXX Post. ** (Only addressed in writing to Postbank)**Jan. 2019.

* 2017 Letter checked./ 01.12.2021 Document checked.

Regrettably, my person can offer nothing else than such a more than highly complicated thing.