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From: Ursula Sabisch

Sent: Friday, 25 October 2019 12:48


Subject: The Lord's business and mission


Ursula Sabisch, Am Aehrenfeld 15, 23564 Luebeck, Germany

To the Archdiocese of Hamburg

Am Mariendom 4

20099 Hamburg


To the Catholic Parish of the Luebeck Martyrs

Parade 4

23552 Luebeck


Luebeck, 24/ 25 October 2019

The free English translation on 25 September 2021.


Online Committee Elections 2019


Dear Dr. Stefan Heße, Archbishop of Hamburg, Dear Pastor of the Parade of Luebeck, My Dear Catholics and My Dear Kindergarten,

Today is Thursday (in German-language Thunder day) once again!

You have sent my person "important documents" for the above-mentioned elections and now you and your kind are indeed getting to know important documents!

You as a Luebeck parishioner have been hiding for years behind a martyrdom which other men have also borne for you and your ilk, and here you are acting as the "good people" by visibly misplacing your commitment!

If anyone here can speak of a commitment to the Church at all, then it is certainly not you and your many volunteers who enthusiastically keep the Church alive!

You and your kind are enthusiastically keeping something alive with which you are connected, but that is certainly not the Lord God of us all, because there has long since ceased to be a church which was ordained and willed by God!

You and all the other people are, strictly speaking, a God-forsaken people and thus today's church certainly no longer deserves any backing!

If you and your kind had really felt a closeness to God, then my person wonders why you, as clergymen, have not long since recognised the spirit of the age, which must always be associated with the Holy Spirit!

Many of you are certainly true clergymen and thus you also bear a responsibility for your own life after death!

However, you also bear a great responsibility for the Lord God of all of us, whom you will certainly not be able to lose if you also show obedience!

My person has long been tired of sponsoring your comfortable and pleasant life and, if possible, giving wind to your dirty sails for your good deeds!

Other people have to suffer because quite simply your intellect and the spirit of the times do not allow you to perceive reality by quite simply "clinging"!

You cannot let go of your habits by simply holding out the host to your particularly good and committed parishioners every Saturday and/ or Sunday and in no time at all the dirty sails are bright white again for all the faithful, aren't they? !

So you and others should slowly ask yourselves who you are really clinging to, if it definitely cannot be the Lord God!

Who else is there??

Shame on you!

You have forgotten your status as a clergyman and thus completely lost sight of your adversary; you have completely underestimated him and basically disregarded him!

It is always a "satisfaction" to be able to blow the whistle on you and your filthy sheep, but I would really be very pleased if my invisible Cudgel would indeed actively and with commitment make it clear in the right place who is the master and who is the mistress in the whole house!

Unfortunately, in doing so, there is an order or two to be complied with, in which my person's Cudgel is presumably involved, because the first fairy tale still reads:

The Wishing-Table, the Gold-Ass, and Cudgel in the Sack!

But the end of time is no longer a solo affair, as each person has his roots and his connections to the hereafter and everyone will receive his just judgement for his deeds or omissions, which will make a "change of sides" possible for each person during the end time, which you should actually know better than my person, who already seems to have gone far too far to the credit side and will thus provide the balance in the matter as a person with a high title!

This means the following for you and your volunteers and also for your parishioners: *

1) Take care and all those involved that the abuse of the celebration of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church is brought to an end immediately in the German-speaking countries and if possible worldwide and transfer the command of the Lord in this regard to the Protestants during the transitional period.


2)  Make sure that your two big so-called Christian churches immediately "make available" their gigantic assets by initiating the construction and restructuring in the developing countries, which includes the intervention in the culture of Africa and Asia.


3)  Please also immediately consider the people on the run or in reception camps as migrants. (Use luxury liners and let them be used sensibly)!    _______________________________________________________________

4)  Intervention in culture: (Controlled birth rate through measuring devices to determine a woman's ovulation/ cycle). See e. g.:


4) Polygamy - Wikipedia

Polygamy is most common in West Africa among Muslims and in some Arab states. It is less common in other regions dominated by Islam. Polygamy in Judaism. Polygamy was common in the ...


Furthermore, polygamy must be strictly forbidden worldwide, which unfortunately means a huge intervention in the respective cultures, but it is unavoidable, as otherwise a bottomless pit will be opened, that will then drag us all down with it and cause us to perish!

Since the intervention in the culture of another human race is difficult to implement, there is obviously already a corresponding help or more precisely a WITCH, which is intended for the transitional period* and thus* will also "serve" the Africans, but has little in common with my person!


5) Abortions must be strictly forbidden worldwide and without exception, also certainly indirectly, so that the Cudgel can "stretch" as a protective function for everything!

A godless people that lets abortions be carried out and then also runs to the church, in addition suppresses or harms the called-up Authorities, in my opinion no longer deserves a Cudgel of my person!

However, it is not solely a matter of my person's decision and for this reason it hereby continues in the text!


6) Many monasteries and castles of the earth will have to be appropriately furnished during the transitional period for special castle dwellers, whereby especially also the many millionaires and billionaires will have to procure the available means, should these administrators of the money attach importance to a future worth living!

Note: The church must act as a role model and, among other things, not only rely on the collection bag!!

You and others had better not forget that you and all others have also abused my person and my person's family over many years and that the compensation in the matter will take place accordingly in one way or another!

Should the Cudgel stretch and strike even without these necessary measures, then "Good night Marie!"

Yours sincerely,

Ursula Sabisch,

Martyr and Empress respectively

HP: Should you and your kind continue to helplessly bow or submit to the spirit of the times by not making the accumulated capital available or by continuing to abuse the Body of Christ*, then it may happen that one day my person will also be standing in front of your door and the door of Rome with some Bundeswehr soldiers or the Blue Helmets!

It is imperative that this important document be included in a homepage of my person and made public, so that the still sane Catholics can act accordingly without the use of force, by leaving the church immediately and demonstratively in case of abuse of the celebrated consecration!

*Document supplemented.

3 December 2021 document checked.